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Ascend Analytics is an innovative software service company focused on energy analytics.  Our solutions provide the core analytic infrastructure required to streamline processes, enhance understanding and support decisions.

Ascend Analytics Sponsors February EUCI Conference

Ascend Analytics will be a sponsor of EUCI’s Conference "Improving Settlement Processes for Organization Markets: Better Manage ISO/RTO Settlement in LMP Markets" February 20-21 in Dallas, TX. Ascend Analytic's President, Gary Dorris PhD, will be a speaker at the conference and will discuss "Dynamic Feedback of Settlements to Dispatch Optimization". 

Maturation in RTO/ISO markets and increased trading volumes present new challenges for market participants and system operators. The complexity and of today’s RTO/ISO markets demands the advanced simulation techniques that Ascend Analytics’ models provide. Ascend Analytics’ models consider real-world solutions currently being employed, and allow for improved market efficiency and reliability. For more than a decade, Ascend Analytics has been delivering the leading energy analytics platform for risk analysis, portfolio management, resource planning, and asset valuation.


For further information, please contact Ascend Analytics’ Sales  at information@ascendanalytics.com or (303) 415-1400

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