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Ascend Analytics is an innovative software service company focused on energy analytics.  Our solutions provide the core analytic infrastructure required to streamline processes, enhance understanding and support decisions.

New Partnership with Power Settlements

Ascend Analytics is pleased to announce a new partnership with Power Settlements. Power Settlements is a software company that specializes in providing products to energy companies that participate in the ISO and RTO physical power markets. Its software product Settle Core ™ enables market participants to perform scheduling, downloading of portal data, and shadow settlements and statement validation. Power Settlements is revolutionizing the way that market participants are able to review, analyze, and validate their ISO settlement files. Ascend Analytics President, Gary Dorris, Ph.D., says “This new partnership is significant because it leverages the analytical depth of Ascend Analytics’ software with the ISO processing strength of Settle Core ™. For over a decade, Ascend Analytics has been delivering the leading energy analytics platform for risk analysis, portfolio management, resource planning, and asset valuation. This new and exciting partnership will allow for a complete end-to-end ISO solution for asset bidding, settlements, and portfolio management.  

For further information, please contact Ascend Analytics’ Sales  at information@ascendanalytics.com or (303) 415-1400

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