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Ascend Analytics is an innovative software service company focused on energy analytics.  Our solutions provide the core analytic infrastructure required to streamline processes, enhance understanding and support decisions.

Ascend Analytics adds Senior Advisors to Company Leadership

Ascend Analytics has embarked on enhancing its market presence in 2013 by adding two Senior Advisors to Ascend-- David Bellman and Mark Gabriel.  With deep industry experience, they are providing additional insight for channels and approaches to better leverage Ascend Analytics’ core software capabilities.



David Bellman is a Senior Advisor to Ascend and seasoned energy professional and market analyst with broad experience involving fuels, emissions, power markets, and policy analysis. David’s previous work experience includes serving as Managing Director of AEP. At AEP, David was responsible for a staff of twenty five; where he oversaw resource planning, load forecasting, forward price forecasting, and related regulatory activities. David has also been a consultant at Deloitte and Purvin & Gertz, and supported business development at EPIS.  Beyond serving as a Senior Advisor to Ascend, David also serves as the principal of All Energy Consulting, which strives to positively and evocatively challenge the current thinking involving any aspect of energy use. Additionally, he has authored numerous publications regarding crude oil price forecasts, coal retirement analysis and energy policy. David holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas.


Marl Gabriel is an internationally recognized expert on critical issues for companies in the electric and natural gas industries. Mr. Gabriel served as President of EPRI where led the Electricity Sector Framework for the Future, a collaborative effort to shape the technical, economic and regulatory future of the U.S. electricity industry. He was a Senior Vice President at Black and Veatch Management Consulting, Halcrow and RW Beck. Beyond serving as a Senior Advisor to Ascend, Mark is the President and Founder of the consulting firm Power Pundits, which provides strategic and technical support in the areas of technology, rates and regulatory, organizational development, planning and business process improvement. Mark received his BA in Political Science from Fordham University.


For over a decade, Ascend Analytics has been delivering the leading energy analytics platform for risk analysis, portfolio management, resource planning, and asset valuation. With their deep industry experience, Mark Gabriel and David Bellman will allow Ascend Analytics to increase its market presence, and better leverage its core software capabilities.

For further information, please contact Ascend Analytics’ Sales  at information@ascendanalytics.com or (303) 415-1400

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