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Better Models, Better Decisions


The CreditManager software solution provides improved business insight into the composition of credit risk across counterparties and the entire company portfolio. Using a new modeling framework, CreditManager provides the most advanced measurement of credit exposure and potential future exposure.

CreditManager provides companies with a comprehensive system to effectively manage credit risk and exposure at the company and counterparty level. Unlike trading-based credit systems, CreditManager models physical asset & complex contract exposure. The solution can utilize forward curves and forward curve simulations to assess potential future exposure as well as daily future cash flow.  CreditManager moves beyond limit warnings and trigger events to support enhanced risk-based decision making.  

Key benefits include:
  • Company & counterparty exposure
  • Trading & collateral exposure
  • Trader tools for immediate limit checks
  • Physical asset & complex contract exposure
  • Potential future exposure (PFE) analysis
  • Daily AR/AP for cash flow analysis
  • Assessment of capital adequacy
  • S&P liquidity sensitivity analysis
  • Supports complex counterparty data, structures, and hierarchies
Ascend Analytics has combined industry-leading model capability with robust client support.  This allows our customers to dramatically improve decision analysis and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our solutions are used by dozens of energy companies in North America and Europe.

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