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The CurveDeveloper solution addresses the core market data infrastructure needs of energy companies. CurveDeveloper is a delivered solution that harvests, scrubs and maintains market price data from brokers, exchanges, vendors and any other source. CurveDeveloper then provides robust tools to generate forward price curves following your own business rules.

Energy companies require quality market data and forward curves for trading and MtM purposes.  However, the number of data sources and various formats has made collecting and maintaining this data cumbersome.  For companies that require more control over their market data and forward curve generation process, CurveDeveloper is the solution of choice.

Key benefits include:
  • Automates data collection, scrubbing and curve generation
  • Harvests market data from nearly any source
  • Performs numerous tests to verify and scrub market data
  • Generates forward curves utilizing client-specific rules
  • No arbitrage forward strip reduction
  • Ranking & weighting by commodity and location
  • Missing data and stale quote handling
  • Regression analysis and seasonal shaping
  • Creates a transparent and auditable process
  • Dynamic link to deal capture systems
  • Calculates correlations & volatilities
  • Extends forward curves for 25 years
Ascend Analytics has combined industry-leading model capability with robust client support.  This allows our customers to dramatically improve decision analysis and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our solutions are used by dozens of energy companies in North America and Europe.

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