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Better Models, Better Decisions

Gas Storage

Understanding and maximizing the value of storage facilities requires making challenging daily decisions on injections, withdrawals, and hedge rebalancing. Furthermore, the initial valuation of gas storage assets and measuring the portfolio effects of storage requires detailed modeling.  Forecasting and managing gas storage levels, injections, withdrawals, and cash flows requires getting the financial and physical details right.

Ascend provides accurate valuations and enhanced operations by modeling physical asset attributes and market prices simultaneously and in rich detail.  Complex seasonal or volumetric ratchets, reserve constraints, seasonally fluctuating capacity, and critical operating costs are all captured to realistically represent the asset's operation and precisely determine its value.  Users can choose between multiple valuation models which provide additional understanding of the asset's valuation under a range of operating strategies.

Key benefits include:
  • Valuation relative to forward and spot market prices
  • Distribution of gas injection and withdrawal levels
  • Daily threshold prices for injection and withdrawal of gas
  • Forward position rebalancing to lock in storage values
  • Operating report of daily gas decisions
  • Cash flow forecasts with uncertainty
  • Sensitivity analysis for hedging
Ascend Analytics has combined industry-leading model capability with robust client support.  This allows our customers to dramatically improve decision analysis and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our solutions are used by dozens of energy companies in North America and Europe.

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