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Better Models, Better Decisions

PowerSimm Planner

The PowerSimm Planner software solution is a complete analytics platform for energy portfolio planning, capacity expansion and financial analysis.   PowerSimm Planner provides the analytic and data infrastructure to support decision analysis from the Intermediate term to the next 30 years and beyond.  Making better models requires getting the details right to accurately represent the physical and financial dynamics of energy supply.  For energy planning & financial managers that require a comprehensive analytical framework, PowerSimm Planner allows energy companies to model revenue requirements, subject to physical & regulatory constraints, optimize expansion plans, and compare the financial impacts associated with multiple planning options.

PowerSimm Planner addresses practical resource planning issues and quantifies risks inherent in the resource planning process. PowerSimm Planner utilizes the latest modeling technologies and techniques to provide our customers with industry leading capabilities.

Key benefits include:
  • Capacity expansion planning
  • Revenue requirements & Financial analysis
  • Cost versus risk tradeoff resource analysis
  • Environmental sensitive resource planning
  • Assessment of renewable energy technologies
  • Determines risk reduction value of DSM and renewables

Ascend Analytics has combined industry-leading model capability with robust client support.  This allows our customers to dramatically improve decision analysis and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our solutions are used by dozens of energy companies in North America and Europe.

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