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Market Price Data

Gathering market price data can be a challenge.  Broker sheets and other market data arrive in different forms and formats.  Often these formats change without warning.  The volume of available data often drives the company to use a single source.  But any single source reduces competitive advantages and market intelligence.  The Ascend solution is to provide tools to automate data harvesting, data scrubbing, data maintenance and price curve generation according to your proprietary business rules.

Market data is an essential input to effective trading, hedging, portfolio optimization, risk management and Mark-to-Market accounting.   Ascend’s software tools stand ready to provide the data infrastructure and analytic backbone to stream line processes, enhance understanding, and support decisions.  Through intelligent automation and analysis, we can free up your staff to perform more important functions in energy analysis.

Key outcomes include:
  • Automation of all data harvesting
  • Single source of market data
  • Statistical testing to insure data quality
  • Forward curve generation based on your business rules
  • Integration with deal capture systems
  • Improves MtM and settlement processes

Ascend Analytics has combined industry-leading model capability with robust client support.  This allows our customers to dramatically improve decision analysis and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our solutions are used by dozens of energy companies in North America and Europe.

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