Glendale Water and Power Clean Energy RFP for Local Capacity


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Glendale Water and Power (GWP), in the heart of the Los Angeles basin, with the analytic backing of Ascend's Resource Planning Team proposed a power supply restructuring plan for retirement of 210MW of steam generation to a modern portfolio of 75 MW of storage imported renewables, distributed generation and conservation.

GWP had planned for many years to repower the aging Grayson Power Plant, but the proposed plan to repower with a 262 MW combined cycle natural gas power plant was rejected by the Glendale City Council under pressure from local environmental groups. Ascend was asked to administer and evaluate a Clean Energy Request for Proposals (RFP) for zero/low-carbon energy and capacity resource options to enter service by 2021. GWP received proposals from 35 vendors offering renewable energy, load reduction, energy storage, and thermal generation. Ascend and GWP screened and evaluated several portfolio combinations to meet the specific needs of GWP and its customer base, balancing cost, environmental, and reliability constraints. Ascend's analytical and communications support for GWP led to a portfolio that maintained reliability and also gained stakeholder support, resulting in unanimous approval.

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Case Studies