PowerSimmTM Credit Manager

PowerSimmTM Credit Manager provides credit risk analysis for collateral, exposure and simulated potential future exposure across multiple departments.  Our software provides credit risk groups and trading managers with new abilities to quickly assess company exposures, collateral requirements and the impact of new transactions.


Increase the effectiveness of your organization to manage risk with advanced capabilities such as PFE and PCE.

Getting it right means integrating every trade, every payment, every price change and a distribution of potential futures into a comprehensive credit risk strategy.

Enhance your organizations ability to manage risk.

PowerSimmTM Credit Manager provides improved business insight into the composition of credit risk across counterparties and the entire company portfolio.  Using a new modeling framework, Credit Manager provides the most advanced measurement of credit exposure and potential future exposure.


PowerSimmTM Credit Manager provides organizations with a powerful tool to manage credit risk and exposure at both the counterparty and company-wide levels.


Unlike trading-based credit systems, Credit Manager incorporates physical assets and complex contract exposure.  It also leverages advanced modeling of forward contract prices to assess potential future exposure and daily future cash flows.

PowerSimmTM Credit Manager moves beyond standard limit warnings and trigger events to support integrated and enhanced risk-based decision making.

Features of PowerSimmTM Credit Manager

Complete repository for all counterparty, master agreement, rating, and threshold information


Incorporation of MTM, AR/AP, and collateral postings


Automatic acquisition of the latest credit, trading, and settlement data

Flexible netting capabilities across commodities, settlement variables, and time buckets


View of exposure and collateral requirements from a company or counterparty perspective

Potential Future Exposure (PFE) and Potential Collateral Exposure (PCE)


Calculation of distributions of future collateral requirements and margin account balances


Automated, auditable, and scalable

PowerSimmTM Credit Manager Analytic Features

PowerSimmTM Credit Manager offers standard & advanced credit risk analytics for companies managing physical and financial portfolios.

Credit Manager leverages powerful price simulations, trading and settlement data to calculate complete exposure from MTM, AR/AP and collateral postings.






Credit VaR and PFE calculations by master agreement, counterparty and commodity help credit managers minimize the risk from trading partner uncertainty.

Better models. Better decisions.

Open Code Analytics

Ascend Analytics software uses open code analytics to deliver maximum flexibility to our clients.  Our integrated job management systems allow users to include proprietary analytic models into the process flow.  Clients can also change or add analytic variables to meet their specific needs.  Ascend software delivers maximum flexibility inside a powerful and secure production environment.  PowerCubeTM provides business intelligence reports and data visualization.

Hosting Solutions

Ascend offers the option of deploying to client sites, or a robust HOSTED ENVIRONMENT with dedicated hardware, complete database and software support.

We provide more efficient IT and software support, because that's what we do every day!

Due to its MODULAR NATURE, Ascend Analytics software can be rapidly deployed.

Our dedicated deployment team will provide a turn-key-solution, minimizing impacts to your staff.

We provide the highest level of customer support in the energy industry.

Our dedicated service team allows clients to access experienced energy analysts and system experts DIRECTLY.  Leverage our analysts as peaking resources
for your team.

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