PowerSimmTM  Operations Manager

Graph of Hourly Econonic Dispatch for a Combined Cycle Unit with Duct Firing

Take control of your hourly portfolio with PowerSimmTM Operations Manager (OPS). Our tool provides robust modeling of all physical assets and financial elements within the company's portfolio.


PowerSimmTM OPS automatically acquires unit levels, trades, load and market conditions. This solution produces optimal generation dispatch schedules, while maintaining physical and operational constraints.

Manage complex portfolios for the next hour to the balance of the month.

Answer Key Questions For Short-Term Energy Supply

The PowerSimmTM OPS Software Solution is a complete analytics platform for short-term dispatch optimization and supply management.


PowerSimmTM OPS provides the analytic and data infrastructure to support decision analysis from the balance of day into the prompt month.  As an integrated solution, PowerSimmTM OPS systematizes the data interfaces to help automate short-term operations, transactions, unit commitment decisions to maximize profits for integrated utilities, generators, and retailers.


Ascend Analytics has combined industry-leading model capability with robust client support.  This allows our customers to dramatically improve decision analysis and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.


PowerSimmTM OPS answers the key questions for short-term energy supply.  Daily decisions are benchmarked against actual performance to track realized gains and losses.

Our solution determines  unit commitment relative to market prices and load with consideration to transmission constraints or nodal prices.  Generation unit commitment logic enhances dispatch optimization by modeling physical attributes of generation with respect to energy and ancillary service requirements and market opportunities.  Short-term purchase and sale decisions are enhanced through self learning algorithms that reflect forecast uncertainty.

Features of PowerSimmTM Operations Manager

Detailed representation of thermal, hydro, renewable and storage assets


Determines generation strike prices for incremental movements based on market factors


Provides a defensive shield for post analysis of asset optimization decisions

Asset optimized schedules and scenario analysis for the balance of month


Determines profit margins for incremental movements based on market factors


Provides robust reporting for end-users

Advanced dispatch at hourly and sub-hourly granularity


Identifies trade opportunities for increased revenues or cost minimization


Provides automated, auditable and scalable solution across the Enterprise

PowerSimmTM OPS Analytic Features

PowerSimmTM OPS delivers superior optimization analytics and model speed for a complete asset optimization solution for short-term portfolio managers.

Optimization Analytic Chart

PowerSimmTM OPS users are able to utilize interactive data tools to quickly analyze their generation options, evaluate transactions and respond to changing market conditions.  Users can view data within HTML or MS Excel reports.

Net Position Report

PowerSimmTM OPS acquires data and evaluates in real-time:  Generation levels, asset characteristics, operational constraints, load and market conditions to produce defensible generation schedules, bidding strategies and fuel nominations.

Hourly P & L Chart

Better models. Better decisions.

Open Code Analytics

Ascend Analytics software uses open code analytics to deliver maximum flexibility to our clients.  Our integrated job management systems allow users to include proprietary analytic models into the process flow.  Clients can also change or add analytic variables to meet their specific needs.  Ascend software delivers maximum flexibility inside a powerful and secure production environment.  PowerCubeTM provides business intelligence reports and data visualization.

Because Ascend has "out-of-the-box analytics", combined with extensive market and fundamental system data, we can rapidly deploy our software in weeks instead of months.


Our dedicated deployment team will provide a turn-key-solution, minimizing impacts to your staff.

Ascend offers a complete hosted solution providing software as a service (SaaS) with dedicated hardware, expansive data, and full software support.

We provide expert support to guide customers through enhanced decision analysis with the practical insights of having "been there and done that".  Our expertise ranges from basic application support to enhancing decision analysis with risk to expert testimony and reports.  Our staff can also augment your team as "peaking resources".

Hosting Solutions


Rapid Deployment

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