PowerFLEX™ helps grid operators and planners understand the need for flexible capacity based on the relationship between renewables and load under realistic conditions.

PowerFLEX™ calculates flexible resource requirements as a function of renewable generation and spatial delivery for Balancing Authorities with growing renewable energy penetration. Using empirical time-series data, PowerFLEX™ captures key relationships between weather, renewables, and load to realistically model system dynamics on a minutely time scale.

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Features of PowerFLEX™

Conforms to the unique needs of each Balancing Authority with adaptable supply mixes and reliability standards inputs
Captures the nuanced relationship between renewable volatility and flexible generation
Advanced simulation of minutely forecasted operations over various supply portfolios and geographic distributions
Provides robust reporting with statistics on all aspects of flexible generation response
Detailed, visual representations of disruptions to load, net-load, net-load following, and the regulation
Cost-based optimization of regulation resources to maintain grid frequency

Modeling Features

PowerFLEX™ offers superior modeling of flexible resource requirements using scenario and cost-based analysis.

PowerFLEX™ is unique in its ability to recognize the potential for forecast error inherent in reliability planning. It uses both perfect-foresight and realistic imperfect-foresight to help Balancing Authorities with flexible resource planning.
PowerFLEX™incorporates all details involved in flexible resource planning, including spatial diversity and the minutely production of utility solar, wind and distributed generation photovoltaics.

PowerFLEX™ Applications

2015 Resource Plan
2016 Resource Plan
2018 Regulatory Filing

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