Hydro Manager


PowerSIMM Hydro Manager™ integrates both physical operations and hydro specific portfolio constraints in a single analytic framework. Ascend's model utilizes an advanced stochastic simulation framework to analyze & optimize the operations of cascading systems, pumped storage, run-of-river, and peaking assets.

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PowerSIMM Hydro Manager allows individual turbine-level efficiency curves and constraints to be specified as functions of reservoir levels. This detailed model specification results in hydro simulations that accurately reflect true opening regimes and provide insight into the value and trade-off of generation and ancillary services.
PowerSIMM Hydro Manager's advanced solver applies approximate dynamic programming to capture meaningful uncertainty in future stream flows and load conditions.

This uncertainty can be used to access the likelihood of various future regimes and to form a better picture of expected and potential future revenue generated by the hydro asset.

Features of PowerSIMM
Hydro Manager

Detailed representation of cascading systems, pumped storage, and other hydro asset types.
Advanced simulation of weather, load, spot and forward market prices
Advanced dispatch at hourly and sub-hourly granularity
Full portfolio value capture, including flexible units and financial options
Generation, dispatch, and hedge strategy optimization, including all assets and environmental restrictions
Key at-risk metrics such as value, cashflow, costs, and earnings at risk
Calculates key risk metrics such as Value, Cashflow, Costs & earnings at risk
Robust, flexible, and user-friendly reporting for end-users
Support for rate case, regulatory, customer, and environmental analysis

PowerSIMM Hydro Manager
Analytic Features

Ascend's Hydro model reflects a detailed description of generation attributes. The Hydro model is particularly well suited for complex cascading hydro systems with multiple inter-dependent constraints.

Simulation Results -- Comparing the Optimization of Perfect-Foresight with Imperfect-Foresight
Hydro Optimization Results

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Because Ascend has "out-of-the-box analytics", combined with extensive market and fundamental system data, we can rapidly deploy our software in weeks instead of months.

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Hosting Solutions

Ascend offers a complete hosted solution providing software as a service (SaaS) with dedicated hardware, expansive data, and fully software support.


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