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Better models. Better decisions.

Software Solutions for Energy Analytics

Our software solutions provide analysis across the entire time horizon of decisions faced by today’s energy companies.  Short-term dispatch, Mid-term portfolio analysis and Long-term planning decisions are all supported by a single integrated solution platform.

Better models. Better decisions.

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio & Hedge analysis requires integration of both physical and financial risk elements.  Our software solutions enable energy companies to produce more accurate risk measures and optimal hedge design.

Better models. Better decisions.

Planning and Valuation

Essential to planning, budgeting and asset valuation is incorporating detailed market, generation and demand characteristics.  We provide the analytic tools to support decision analysis from the Intermediate term to the next 30 years and beyond.

Better models. Better decisions.

Dispatch Optimization

Optimal generation dispatch allows the power generator to maximize revenue for market conditions.   Our software solutions allow energy companies to realize the full value of generation through short-term system management.

Better models. Better decisions.

Market Price Data

Gathering market price data can be challenging.  Mark-to-Market processes require solid price curves.  Our solution automates market data harvesting, data scrubbing and price generation according to your business rules.

Better models. Better decisions.

Financial Analysis

Projecting future cash flows or future credit exposure can be challenging.  Our models provide detailed financial analysis of capital intensive energy projects.  We also provide Credit exposure and collateral management tools.

Why Ascend

Ascend Analytics provides the analytic tools to bridge the physical models for production costing with the modern financial models of Wall Street. The resulting software solutions provide the actionable intelligence to manage complex energy risk across time frames:  
   Short Term - real-time energy supply portfolios
   Intermediate Term - portfolio management and hedging
   Long Term - resource planning and asset valuation

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Dr. Gary Dorris, president of Ascend Analytics, discusses "bridging the gap" between physical assets and financial hedge instruments. Dr. Dorris also shares his views of how asset heavy market needs will evolve in the coming years.
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