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Market Strategy: Reports & Webinar Videos

Please view our available expert Market Reports & Webinar Videos on energy transition topics and specific ISO regions including CAISO, ERCOT, ISO-NE, MISO/PJM, NYISO & SPP. Clients, please email for free video access. View the FAQs to learn more about our Market Reports & for additional questions, please contact us.

Electricity Market Reports & Price Forecasts

Ascend's Electricity Market Reports are the go-to reference for project financiers, developers, utilities, and IPPS who seek to understand the new market dynamics of the energy transition. The market reports cover every Independent System Operator (ISO) and Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) in the United States, and are a fundamental tool for determining project value, location, and bidding strategies for entities looking for insights critical to project success.

Price Forecasts Built for the New Market Dynamics of the Energy Transition

Going beyond legacy approaches to forecasting, Ascend's forecasts focus on the new market dynamics in a high-renewables future, including depression of wholesale prices, increased price volatility, growing importance of real-time price dynamics, curtailment of renewable production, formation of hourly price shapes that align with net load, emerging geospatial dynamics, and changing ancillary supply dynamics. Ascend's forecasts translate the buildout of renewables and storage into their impact on wholesale energy, ancillary, and capacity prices at the hourly and sub-hourly timescales.

As one of the only quantitative analysis entities providing sub-hourly volatility forecasts, Ascend's price forecasting methodology is ideally suited for evaluating arbitrage value for battery energy storage assets, flexible generation resources, long term power purchase agreements, and the changes resulting from the new energy dynamics.

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