Modern market forecasts for an evolving energy transition

AscendMI™ (Ascend Market Intelligence) delivers bankable proprietary power market forecasts that reflect the new market dynamics driven by the energy transition. AscendMI™ provides 20+ year forecasts for day-ahead and real-time power prices for major trading hubs, ancillary services prices, capacity prices, and REC prices as well as nodal basis forecasts for every major market in the United States and Europe.

Up-to-Date Insights for New Market Dynamics

The AscendMI™  proprietary solution offers proven insights for managing investment risk. Ascend MI's valuations have been supported by generating valuation results that are consistent with actual operations. The consistency of the AscendMI forecasts to match day-ahead and real-time power market conditions follows from:

  • Current and projected energy market dynamics associated with increasing renewable and storage deployments, inclusive of an ever-changing regulatory and policy landscape.
  • Long-term economic equilibrium as a fundamental anchor, ensuring that forecasts are consistent with a defendable economic outlook.

  • Calibrated hourly and sub-hourly price volatility to ensure reflection of observed and forecasted price dynamics in simulations.
  • Forecasted zonal and nodal basis price evolution that takes into account the key geospatial driving forces including renewable resource potential, cost of land, and physical geographic barriers.
  • Up-to-date forward market data and long-run fundamentals.
  • Weather-driven simulation of power prices that captures the critical correlations between prices, volatility, load, and renewable generation.

Market Intelligence Delivered to You

AscendMI™ users receive bi-annual proprietary reports for each market, covering the latest opportunities, trends, and policies along with the market forecasts. Users also receive simulated hourly and sub-hourly hub spot prices generated using Ascend Analytics proprietary weather-driven fundamental model.

In addition, AscendMI™ seamlessly integrates into PowerSIMM and BatterySIMM  platforms, enabling users to incorporate dynamic market forecasting in their energy portfolio decision-making process.  

The Ascend Analytics integrated product ecosystem is specifically designed for developers, utilities, and financiers that need accurate forecasts to support project valuations for investment and resource planning decisions.

Comprehensive forecasts in key markets in the US and Europe:

  • Southwest/Palo Verde
  • SPP
  • PJM
  • Pacific NW/Mid C
  • ISO-NE
  • Great Britain
  • MISO
  • WECC
  • Netherlands

The Ascend Advantage

Ready Analytics

"Ready to Roll" analytics and preconfigured models for any region or node


Critical insights for portfolio management in a high renewables future


Our expertise includes planning, valuation, risk management & ISO operations

Investment Strategy Maps and Siting Guidance

The Ascend Analytics Investment Maps provide comprehensive geospatial analysis of investment returns for solar, storage, solar+storage, and green hydrogen. Combining our Market Intelligence with asset attributes and financial modeling, these maps can be used for fast project screening with an intuitive mapping/GIS interface with rating guidance on an investment scale of 1 to 5 based on a variety of economic and geospatial factors.

Ascend Analytics Investment Maps provide comprehensive geospatial analysis of investment returns for solar, storage, solar+storage, and green hydrogen.

Ascend Analytics’ Investment Strategy Maps provide a high-level overview of the most desirable locations to site storage around each ISO. These maps provide an initial screening tool for investment opportunities, integrating Ascend Analytics nodal revenue forecasts, resource potential, IRA energy communities, and other geospatial attributes.  

Note: the image shown is only a layer containing one of the subsets of information used in determining overall investment scores.

Modern Forecasting Framework

Ascend Analytics forecasts of future market conditions are based on a unique combination of market forward data and long-run fundamental modeling that accounts for the emerging market dynamics of future supply mixes rather than legacy market dynamics of thermal baseload generation.

AscendMI™ forecasts power price shapes, ancillary service prices, capacity prices, and sub-hourly price dynamics based on the changing supply and demand dynamics. These forecasts are internally consistent, reflective of opportunity costs, and anchored to long-run economic equilibrium, ensuring a coherent and realistic view of energy market dynamics that is needed for informed decision making.

Our framework begins with macro level drivers that affect future energy supply and demand conditions, including climate and renewable policy evolution, economic growth, electrification, technology cost trajectories, and stakeholder demand. Ascend Analytics provides its own base case forecast but can also develop custom forecasts for clients based on alternative assumptions.


  • Anticipated Policy
  • Cost/Financial
  • Load Growth


  • Near Term: Interconnection Queue
  • Long Term: Economics, Policy, Demand


  • Correlated weather, load, renewables, & prices
  • New marginal units
  • Curtailment & volatility models


  • Gas & power forwards, price shapes
  • DA & RT volatility
  • Capacity, ancillary, REC prices

All fundamentally anchored & calibrated
to long-run economic equilibrium &
near-term market forwards

Your Trusted Market Intelligence Source

A reliable forecast is the cornerstone of success for those who make procurement decisions and whose dollars are at risk. AscendMI™ has been a catalyst in supporting over $20 billion of renewable and storage project financings and is used by major utilities and financiers across the country for resource planning and valuation. We are the trusted industry advisor. Ask us about our references.

In a future dominated by renewables and storage, market dynamics that determine value will change dramatically. AscendMITM market forecasts capture changes in price volatility, curtailment, real-time market dynamics, and ancillary services markets.

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