Product Overview

The Ascend Analytics Product Suite captures the new dynamics of electricity markets. Ascend Software integrates weather variability as a key predictor in modeling renewables, load and price to provide robust and insightful risk-based portfolio management and optimized resource plans. Ascend transforms thought leadership into software with actionable intelligence for the next hour to the next 30 years.

Software Products for a competitive edge

Renewable integration creates opportunity

Distinguishing Ascend Software from the Competition




Integrate weather to drive load, renewables & market price

Match hourly & sub-hourly price vols and spreads

Incorporate imperfect foresight (i.e., forecast error)

Project stochastic sub-hourly prices and RE gen

Simulate full transmission & generation outages

Continuously optimize battery bid strategy

Quantify position and financial risk

Specialized PowerSIMM™ Modules

Hydro Manager
Maximize Economic Value with Physical Operations
  • Continuously optimize profit maximizing strategies for generation and load
  • Optimize ISO bidding for day-ahead and real-time markets
  • Integrate predictive analytics with optimization
  • Manage forecast error, market exposure and gas nominations
  • Determine short-term strategies and track profitability
Resource Adequacy
Resource Adequacy Analysis
  • Calculates resource adequacy: loss of load probability (LOLP), MW Short, unserved energy, and required reserve margin
  • Determines impact of extreme weather on resource adequacy and renewable capacity credit
  • Account for joint relationship of weather on load and renewable generation
  • Detailed simulation of thermal generation outages
Enhanced Deal & Counterparty Management
  • Management of counter party agreements and deal details
  • Contract management approval and tracking
  • Notification of key deal dates and credit limits
  • Capture master agreement details and netting rules
  • Manage counter party exposure and collateral requirements
Flexible Resource Analysis
  • Determines impact of wind and solar on flexible resource requirements
  • Calculates flexible resource requirements to maintain CPS2 and RBC as a function of renewables
  • Assess the impact of spatial diversity on flexibility requirements
  • Provides strong visuals of system conditions
  • Supports determination of integration resources and costs

The Ascend Advantage

Ready Analytics

"Ready to Roll" analytics and preconfigured models for any region or node


Provide critical insights for portfolio management in a high renewables future


Our expertise includes planning, valuation, risk management & ISO operations