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Optimal bidding and resource scheduling services for energy storage and renewables

Ascend’s SmartBidder™ AI platform provides automated ISO bids to optimize storage, renewable and hybrid projects. This unique platform allows for highly customized bid strategies based on risk preference using advanced hybrid machine learning models. The platform continuously re-optimizes based on changing fundamental market conditions.

SmartBidder has proven performance across markets with over 6 GW of operating resources. Building on Ascend's proven track record in portfolio management, SmartBidder maximizes each project's value while minimizing risk.

Renewable energy analytics and battery storage

SmartBidder's adaptive and risk-adjusted recommendations, combined with in-depth data and performance reporting, enable users to define and track multiple strategies based on risk based strategic objectives.

SmartBidder Insights

SmartBidder uses state-of-the-art machine learning models and knowledge of evolving market fundamentals to forecast system conditions and pricing which feed into our reinforced learning model.

System & Price Forecasting

Price Conditions Forecast for a Battery.  Forecast Price Spreads for a Battery.

AI models probabilistically forecast price conditions for each asset, including likelihood of extreme events, price spreads, and likelihoods

Revenue Maximization

Maximize Revenue on a Battery.  Hedging Risk on ISO Bidding.

Evolving physical and virtual bidding strategies are paired with hedging to provide risk-adjusted, optimal returns while following all warranty and physical constraints

SmartBidder Advantage

The platform supports customized bidding strategies and tracks relative risk performance of these strategies. SmartBidder constantly informs each strategy with the latest information on the physical state of the power system.

Market Fundamentals

Customized ISO Bidding Strategies using Market Fundamentals, Transmission Flows, Outages, and Supply Conditions.

AI models utilize market fundamentals, such as transmission flows, outages, and supply conditions

Risk Based Bidding

Customized Risk-Based ISO Bidding.   Inform the Physical State of the Power System.

Bidding strategies account for client's risk tolerance when maximizing risk-adjusted returns

SmartBidder Capabilities

Automated ISO Bidding, Nodal Forecasting, State-of-Charge Management, Physical Hedging, and Strategy Adaptation for a Storage Asset.

SmartBidder automates ISO bids to maximize revenue based on forecast market conditions, renewable generation forecasts, battery state of charge, risk tolerance, and operational limitations.

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The Ascend Advantage

Ready Analytics

"Ready to Roll" analytics and preconfigured models for any region or node


Critical insights for portfolio management in a high renewables future


Our expertise includes planning, valuation, risk management & ISO operations