Portfolio and Risk Management
Advisory Services

Our team of highly-trained experts and analysts with years of energy industry experience offers expert advice on optimal hedge design, risk management reporting and process design. This on-demand support backed by on-demand software allows our customers to dramatically reduce risk, improve decision analysis, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Ascend works to merge best-in-class portfolio management and risk analytics with each client's unique portfolio composition and organizational requirements.

Risk management to reduce risk and meet budget with expertise and software to realize results.
Realize the same level of insights and expertise as major power trading houses tailored to your strategy, risk tolerances, and budget needs, firming your portfolio strategy to realize desired results.

Why use Ascend Advisory Services?

  • With decades of experience, our team helps to improve decision making, communication, manage risk and maximize efficiency.
  • We can serve as "peaking resources" to augment staff and perspective for fast and effective solutions leveraging our extensive data infrastructure and analytic solutions.
  • Benefit from regular or ad-hoc support services, ranging from enhancing decision analysis to risk policy benchmarking and educational services.
  • Receive expert support from our quantitative analysts and take advantage of our data offerings and advanced modeling capabilities to gain a competitive edge on asset and contract valuation, pricing and strategic decisions.
  • Ascend experts can add a new dimension to your operations, regardless of whether you are at the early stages of building analytics capability or you are looking for benchmarking, independent assessments or improvements on existing processes and practices.
  • Analyze earnings variability and determine the optimal operating and hedging strategies to support portfolio management decisions that meet or exceed budgeted cash flows taking into account the key physical and financial portfolio drivers in a coherent way.

Saas + Service: Collaborative Advanced Engagement for PowerSIMM Users

Under the advance engagement, Ascend works collaborative with customers to execute studies and provide position and risk reporting. This solution allows for delivery of standard reports and custom outputs with extra bandwidth of ad-hoc analysis.

Ascend also provides advice on internal portfolio management findings, and expert input on strategy and hedging programs.

Ascend also assists with risk and portfolio management training sessions, and collaborative support in portfolio and risk management activities.

Full Service: Portfolio and Risk Management Outsourced Services

Our advisory level services allow companies have access to leading edge analytical capabilities to support better portfolio and risk decisions by outsourcing time and resource-intensive activities and having access to our subject-matter experts and experienced analysts.

Ascend professionals can bring efficiency and speed without the expense of recruiting and training analytic staff. By relying on Ascend's analytics platform, data and extensive expertise, some clients such as community choice aggregators and municipal power entities can retain lean commercial and risk management teams and reduce overall operating expenses.

Ascend offers a client orientated partnership for comprehensive portfolio and risk management solutions tailored to meet client's needs. Ascend's experienced analysts can create and deliver position and risk reports with key portfolio insights and recommendations. Ascend also provides ad hoc analytic projects for business operations and compliance.

Some clients under this service level also rely on Ascend's data offerings, including weather, system load, ISO and Forward Curve harvested from publicly available sources as well as proprietary fundamental market projections for main ISOs. Other portfolio and risk management advisory services include portfolio and hedging strategy collaboration, risk policy review, design and benchmarking as well as our comprehensive educational services.

Advisory Service Levels: Collaborative and Advanced Engagements

Training and Education Services

  • Customized training and workshops from introductory to advanced levels on power markets and instruments, portfolio management, hedging and risk management.
  • Training can be delivered directly in-house or online.
  • Our instructors are recognized thought-leaders in the field and have extensive practical and teaching experience, using clear, simple language and real-world practical examples.
  • Ascend experts have trained thousands of professionals in risk, trading and commercial teams, audit groups, finance, legal, operations, accounting, back office, executive teams and board of directors.

The Ascend Advantage

Ready Analytics

"Ready to Roll" analytics and preconfigured models for any power market and PNode.

Insights & Market Reports

Anticipate and plan for the impact of changing market dynamics on portfolio management.

Electric Grid Modeling and Resource Planning Modeling Software


Ascend expertise ranges from basic application support to enhancing decision analysis with risk to expert testimony.