Value storage and hybrid projects. Optimize site selection.

BatterySIMM Capabilities

BatterySIMMTM provides developers, investors, and utilities with revenue stacking forecasts and projected operations for assessing standalone storage and renewable+storage projects. The BatterySIMM platform provides the analytic intelligence for optimal siting and determination of the relative economic value of locations across all ISOs.

BatterySIMM is a comprehensive data and analytics platform for storage and hybrid project valuation and site optimization. Utilizing Ascend's 20+ year nodal sub-hourly price forecasts, BatterySIMM software determines the value of storage at specific locations by performing complete dispatch simulations.

Market selection decisions (DA/RT Energy and Ancillaries), round-trip efficiencies, charging/discharging constraints, cycling limits, and expected degradation and augmentation schedules are all customizable parameters within each dispatch simulation. BatterySIMM dispatch simulations respect the physical limitations of each project, while adhering to ISO market rules and conditions.

BatterySIMM mapping enables clients to survey and screen locations across the country for their nodal price characteristics and expected project revenues to optimally determine siting strategy.

Finance Industry Accepted

Ascend has been relied upon to guide and support 100+ project financings and M&A transactions since 2020. BatterySIMM valuations have become accepted by banking and finance institutions nationwide. The Ascend team and BatterySIMM have earned the trust required to support and finance projects by determining the unique value components of each project.

BatterySIMM Features

BatterySIMM provides sub-hourly forecasts that are nodal specific and determines the value of storage, renewables, and hybrid projects under multiple operating strategies. These operating strategies adhere to the physical system limits and ISO rules.  In addition to maximizing the value of the physical architecture, BatterySIMM provides geospatial analysis to determine relative value of project siting for future system conditions. BatterySIMM also supports toll and hedge valuation for each project inclusive of basis risk.


Nodal Price Forecasting. Sub-hourly Day-Ahead Real-Time Energy Prices.

Battery system economics are principally determined by nodal, sub-hourly pricing dynamics. Understand expected nodal price behavior at your project’s interconnection point with full granularity, from the project’s commercial operations date until its retirement.

Battery Activity and SoC

State-of-Charge Analysis for a Battery.  Grid Charging Limitation, Market Participation, Cycling Limits Analysis

Investigate a range of dispatch strategies for the project executed against Ascend’s nodal price forecast. Specify important parameters and constraints of your anticipated dispatch strategy (e.g. market participation, cycling limits, grid charging limitations, etc).

Forecasted Battery Revenues ($/kW - Month)

Forecast Battery Revenues Over Time.  Recognize Changing Energy Market Conditions.

The “Revenue Stack” is the result of aggregating the sub-hourly dispatch decisions and associated revenues of the battery system on a monthly or yearly basis. Recognize the impact of changing market conditions and system parameters on the expected mix of project revenues over time.

Geospatial Mapping of Locational Value Metrics

Measure Locational Value for a Storage and Hybrid Project.  Model price dynamics for a storage project.

Every location and project configuration pairing is unique. BatterySIMM models pricing dynamics and project revenue potential across 50,000+ nodes in the United States.

Consulting Expertise to Address your Specific Needs

Developing a successful battery or renewable or renewable+battery project requires a thorough understanding of:

  • Locational Value
  • ISO Market Dynamics
  • Revenue Stacking
  • Dispatch Strategy
  • Sizing / configuration considerations
  • Contracting / hedging options (PPAs, tolling agreements, RA contracts, bank hedges, revenue puts, etc)
  • Financing

Ascend consulting staff, together with the BatterySIMM data, analytics, and software platform, facilitates developers in identifying and executing on successful projects.

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