market intelligenceTM
Balancing renewable production and storage
Price & Market Forecasts
Fundamental forecasts of nodal level sub-hourly prices, ancillary energy, capacity, and REC values.
Power price analysis by node
Battery Storage & Renewables
Optimize site selection for battery developments and value storage and hybrid projects.
Battery trading algorithms
Energy Storage & Renewable Operations
Bid optimization and scheduling services for storage and renewables projects.
Balancing renewable production and storage
Portfolio Risk Management & Resource Planning
Portfolio hedging, budgeting and power supply planning, capacity expansion, and reliability analysis.
Power price analysis by node
Marketplace for Asset Sales & Energy Procurement
Auction platform for asset sales and energy procurement backed by independent market valuations.
Battery trading algorithms
Finance Merchant Storage
Insurance-backed revenue guarantees to maintain cash flows in down years, in conjunction with SmartBidder.