Market Intelligence Strategy

Custom Strategies for Investing in the Energy Transition

Ascend Analytics’ Market Intelligence Strategy consulting provides expert insights and guidance into project development, resource acquisition, and energy purchase opportunities across all power markets.  

Our team provides critical market intelligence to steward large capital investments and maximize returns. Serving Boards of Directors, Chief Development Officers, Investment Committees, banks, infrastructure funds, and project developers. Ascend Analytics helps formulate and reshape strategic plans to increase value through resource selection, off-take structures, location, and market timing for sustained value.

Forecasts that are a Trusted Source for Valuation & Project Financing

Because of our rigorous screening of market fundamentals and geospatial dynamics, our team is the trusted source for market intelligence strategy and sub-hourly forecasting across the industry.  Our work underpins more than 200 GWs of project valuation assessments.

Ascend Analytics’ platform and services have been widely adopted by developers, financiers, Independent Power Producers (IPPs), and banking institutions, becoming the market standard for price benchmarking and market insights across the United States and now Europe.

Our services in project finance support typically include independent project assessments, reliance letters, and forecast input “defense” to credit committees and other stakeholders.  

Analytics and Forecast Services to Inform Investing

Ascend Analytics forecasts services convey both the bottom-line directional information for strategy formation as well as the underpinning supply and demand fundamentals through easy to interpret geographical (GIS) representation. Using interactive sessions supported by our fundamental nodal and geospatial analysis, Ascend Analytics’ Market Intelligence team helps formulate and/or validate strategic investment initiatives.

Ascend Analytics’ nodal price forecasts can be combined with Ascend Analytics’ geospatial data to recommend specific locations and regions where renewable and storage resources will excel. Recommendations can range from simple rankings of high value nodes to investment maps used to guide project siting at a regional or county level based on multiple layers of information, including cost of land, renewable resource potential, IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) energy communities, transmission infrastructure, population density, status of interconnection queue, and others.

In a future dominated by renewables and storage, market dynamics that determine value will change dramatically. AscendMITM market forecasts capture changes in price volatility, curtailment, real-time market dynamics, and ancillary services markets.

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Personalized Expert Engagement

The Ascend Analytics Market Intelligence team is made up of industry experts that provide unique insights and an in-depth understanding of key market dynamics, opportunities, and driving forces - providing expertise and value beyond just running models to produce forecasts. We offer our clients tailored workshops to familiarize their teams with specific markets and/or applications of interest.

Ascend Analytics customers have access to industry thought leaders, including Dr. Gary Dorris, a pioneer of energy risk management and portfolio planning solutions for more than two decades and Dr. Brent Nelson, an energy system modeling thought leader, and his team of experts.

Photo of panelists and attendees at Ascend Summit

Comprehensive and Current Market Reports

Ascend Analytics Market Reports provide a comprehensive narrative, describing the underlying inputs and the fundamentals of load growth and the market dynamics underlying our forecast of prices and buildout of renewable generation and Battery Energy Storage. For each ISO, the Ascend Analytics Market Reports are updated bi-annually with relevant topics including but not limited to:

  • Key takeaways and considerations for the market
  • Market context, policy driving forces, and anticipated changes
  • Forecasts for energy, capacity, and ancillary prices, including price shapes and volatility
  • Forecasted supply stack evolution, inclusive of the anticipated impacts of policy change as well as stakeholder and off-taker demand for clean energy
  • Impacts of renewable generation on net load and price volatility
  • Real-time energy market volatility and its importance for flexible resources

Leveraging a Modern Forecasting Framework

Ascend Analytics’ team of experts forecast future market conditions leveraging a cutting-edge and comprehensive combination of market forward data and long-run fundamental modeling. Our experts leverage our proprietary Market Intelligence solution which provides users with forecasts of power, ancillary, capacity, and REC prices at the nodal and sub-hourly level for all US markets.

Instead of using legacy market dynamics built for an era of thermal baseload generation, the company’s sophisticated process considers the emerging and new market dynamics of the clean energy supply.


  • Anticipated Policy
  • Cost/Financial
  • Load Growth


  • Near Term: Interconnection Queue
  • Long Term: Economics, Policy, Demand


  • Correlated weather, load, renewables, & prices
  • New marginal units
  • Curtailment & volatility models


  • Gas & power forwards, price shapes
  • DA & RT volatility
  • Capacity, ancillary, REC prices

All fundamentally anchored & calibrated
to long-run economic equilibrium &
near-term market forwards

Your Trusted Market Intelligence Strategy Advisor

Ascend Analytics Market Intelligence Strategy consulting services  have supported over $20 billion of renewable and storage project financings across the United States. We are the trusted industry advisor. Ask us about our references.

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