BatterySIMM™ Suite
SIMM Val & SmartBidder


Whether you are looking to optimize existing storage operations with BatterySIMM SmartBidder™, or evaluate future storage projects with BatterySIMM Val™, BatterySIMM's advanced algorithms provide the critical intelligence to add value to battery storage.

Maximize the value of storage and renewables plus storage from real-time operations to project valuation

Maximizing value means optimizing battery charge and discharge strategy across Day-Ahead and Real-Time energy and ancillary service markets inclusive of physical battery performance attributes over time.

BatterySIMM Val

Energy Storage Valuation



  • Determine optimal siting, sizing, and valuation
  • Optimize revenue given both physical characteristics and ISO market rules
  • Forecast Pnode prices and co-optimizes renewables + storage
  • Rapidly assess different bidding strategies
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BatterySIMM SmartBidder

Energy Storage Operation



  • Integrate predictive analytics with storage optimization
  • Maximize profit with strategic operations and bidding
  • Continuously optimize storage bids to ISO
  • Forecast hourly and sub-hourly price spikes and negative prices
  • Manage ISO bids to physical constraints and warranties
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Optimal siting and
sizing of storage

Value projects under multiple
trading strategies

Determine profit maximizing
ISO bidding

    Battery Storage Valuation and Operations Software & Consulting

    BatterySIMM Modeling Features

    BatterySIMM Val and SmartBidder offer superior modeling of market price dynamics, and operational constraints, providing comprehensive resource valuation and optimal operation strategy.

    BatterySIMM Val provides revenue streams of energy and ancillary services under multiple trading strategies. Project developers, and utilities, will benefit from the accurate market dynamics combined with physical operations of storage.
    BatterySIMM Val and SmartBidder pair an in depth representation of storage with forecasting of market prices, including predictions of price spikes and trends in volatility. This allows the mixed-integer linear program to optimize dispatch between energy ancillaries for day-ahead and real-time markets.
    SmartBidder determines optimal ISO bid strategies for both day-ahead and real-time activities. Through combining probabilistic forecasting of market conditions with stochastic optimization, SmartBidder continuously maximizes market opportunities. SmartBidder connects directly to your battery EMS/BMS to receive data and manage state of charge by continuously adjusting offers for profit maximization. Ascend believes it’s unique combination of forecasting and optimization maximizes profitability beyond any other solution of man or machine.
    Battery Storage Valuation and Operations Software & Consulting

    BatterySIMM Customers - Utilities

    Battery Storage Valuation and Operations Software & Consulting

    BatterySIMM Customers - Developers

    The Ascend Advantage

    Ready Analytics

    "Ready to Roll" analytics and preconfigured models for any power market and PNode.

    Insights & Market Reports

    Anticipate and plan for the impact of changing market dynamics on portfolio management.

    Electric Grid Modeling and Resource Planning Modeling Software


    Ascend expertise ranges from basic application support to enhancing decision analysis with risk to expert testimony.