Portfolio Management to Optimize Value & Sustainability with Less Risk

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Resource planners must ensure resource adequacy and maximize economic value with the energy transition. Because a greater portion of energy supply flows from renewables and battery storage, maintaining reliability requires more advanced reliability planning that captures the impact of weather on unit outages, energy production, and transmission lines. Using traditional reliability models that miss the linkages of weather on unit outages and rely solely on predefined distributions or historical data can lead to biased and inconsistent results that present an inaccurate picture of system risks.

Dr. Brandon Mauch, Director of Resource Planning Analytics for Ascend Analytics, lead a webinar that discussed how weather-correlated reliability models improve resource adequacy outcomes while maximizing value. Dr. Mauch was joined by Dr. Gary Dorris, CEO and Co-Founder of Ascend Analytics, and Mr. Zachary Brode, Manager of Analytics for Ascend.

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