Optimal Off-Take Strategies for Managing Renewables & Storage Portfolio Risk

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While the energy transition has ushered in a wave of new opportunities, the focus on attention on long-term PPA's has been a relative race to the bottom, leaving significant upside for over-the-counter (OTC) hedges and tolls. This webinar will explore the relative risk and return of alternative contract mechanisms and how to shape a portfolio that leverages high market conditions for increased return on capital. Portfolio & Risk Management for the renewable and storage portfolio has significantly greater risk than thermal generation, creating a greater need to understand the principal components of risk and physical financial mechanisms to mitigate these risks. In this webinar, Ascend's portfolio risk management experts will discuss how to assemble an OTC contract structure and compare relative risk and return. Clients please email marketintelligence@ascendanalytics.com for the free full video.

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