The Ascend Analytics Product Suite captures the new dynamics of electricity markets

  • Weather is a fundamental driver
  • Stochastic simulation engine
  • Hourly & sub-hourly price forecasting
  • Best resource plan over all conditions
  • Risk based portfolio management
  • AI - based bid strategy

Software products for
a competitive edge


Renewable integration creates opportunity for better models, and better decisions

Distinguishing the Ascend Software Suite from the Competition

Specialized PowerSIMM™ Modules

Flexible Resource Analysis
  • Determines impact of wind and solar on flexible resource requirements
  • Calculates flexible resource requirements to maintain CPS2 and RBC as a function of renewables
  • Assess the impact of spatial diversity on flexibility requirements
  • Provides strong visuals of system conditions
  • Supports determination of integration resources and costs
Resource Adequacy
Resource Adequacy
  • Calculates resource adequacy: loss of load probability (LOLP), MW Short, unserved energy, and required reserve margin
  • Determines impact of extreme weather on resource adequacy and renewable capacity credit
  • Account for joint relationship of weather on load and renewable generation
  • Detailed simulation of thermal generation outages
Enhanced Deal & Counterparty Management
  • Management of counter party agreements and deal details
  • Contract management approval and tracking
  • Notification of key deal dates and credit limits
  • Capture master agreement details and netting rules
  • Manage counter party exposure and collateral requirements
Hydro Manager
Maximize Economic Value
with Physical Operations
  • Continuously optimize profit maximizing strategies for generation and load
  • Optimize ISO bidding for day-ahead and real-time markets
  • Integrate predictive analytics with optimization
  • Manage forecast error, market exposure and gas nominations
  • Determine short-term strategies and track profitability

Why Choose Ascend Analytics?

Rapid Deployment

Because Ascend has "out-of-the-box analytics", combined with extensive market and fundamental system data, we can rapidly deploy our software in weeks instead of months.

Our dedicated deployment team will provide a turn-key-solution, minimizing impacts to your staff.

Hosting Solutions

Ascend offers a complete hosted solution providing software as a service (SaaS) with dedicated hardware, expansive data, and full software support.


We provide expert support to guide customers through enhanced decision analysis with the practical insights of having "been there and done that". Our expertise ranges from basic application support to enhancing decision analysis with risk to expert testimony and reports. Our staff can also augment your team as "peaking resources".