Ascend Analytics Releases Next-Generation Battery Valuation Solution

June 5, 2024



BOULDER, Colorado, June 6, 2024: Ascend Analytics announces its latest release of the industry-leading asset valuation platform, BatterySIMM. Battery energy storage owners, renewable energy project developers, and industry investors rely on BatterySIMM to deliver trusted and bankable revenue forecasts across their project lifecycles.  

The latest BatterySIMM release raises the bar for efficient, fast, and accurate revenue forecasts. The improved user interface allows users to quickly construct and model a range of revenue scenarios, enabling project optimization and a seamless flow of forecasts to the project finance process.

Key efficiency improvements include the ability to simulate more market participation strategies and physical configurations in a single study. Users can obtain Ascend recommended scenarios with a single click, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the platform. These features, paired with BatterySIMM’s newly available API and increase in computational processing, yield faster and more sophisticated model outputs for rapidly scaling developers.

To realize the benefit of these new features, the latest BatterySIMM release enables users to generate nodal forecasts directly in the app. Ascend built BatterySIMM’s renowned forecasts and valuations on the analytical rigor of Ascend’s expert Market Intelligence team. Ascend Analytics is also pleased to source market participation guidance from its operational platform, SmartBidder, into the fundamental Market Intelligence views.  

“The ability to request nodal forecasts through the application will significantly expedite our forecast turnaround speed,” said Gigio Sakota, Senior Director of Energy Markets at Avantus. “The available API allows my team to better integrate BatterySIMM with existing workflows and run studies at scale.”  

“It is a priority to consistently listen to our customers and grow the platform to meet their changing needs,” said Dr. Gary Dorris, CEO of Ascend Analytics. “What used to require hours now takes just a few minutes, equipping developers and analyst teams to confidently forecast revenue and bankable results.”  

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