Sonoma Clean Power Chooses Ascend Analytics’ PowerSIMM Software to Support Planning and Risk Management

August 18, 2021



Ascend Analytics is thrilled to have Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) join its community of PowerSIMM users, starting in August 2021. SCP is a California Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) serving the residents and businesses in Sonoma and Mendocino counties in California with renewable energy. 

Ascend brings SCP the tools necessary to manage wholesale power market risk and plan for a fully decarbonized future. PowerSIMM provides the ability to simulate power system dynamics with weather as a fundamental driver of load, renewable generation, and power prices. SCP will apply PowerSIMM to support their Integrated Resource Plans and evaluate bids for clean energy to add to their resource portfolio.  

SCP Director of Power Resources Ryan Tracey and his team of quantitative analysts will be the primary users of PowerSIMM. According to Ryan, “We chose Ascend because PowerSIMM offers the sophisticated modeling capabilities required to properly value portfolios in California’s future energy grid—things like optimization of storage assets, co-optimization of environmental, capacity, cost constraints, and stochastic simulation of weather and price.  

“We also appreciated Ascend’s strong focus on building and regularly updating the zonal model of the CAISO market within PowerSIMM.  We’ve been pleased with how quickly we’ve been able to learn how to use PowerSIMM and apply it to make robust decisions in optimizing our portfolio.”

SCP is considered a model for community choice programs throughout California. By providing higher percentages of renewable energy that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, SCP customers are doing their part to solve the climate crisis at the local level.

For more information on how PowerSIMM can help your organization succeed in a more renewable energy future, please contact Scott Wrigglesworth, 303-415-1400.

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