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Build no regret energy supply portfolios

PowerSIMM Planner™ develops optimal resource expansion plans with automatic resource selection, determining the cost of supply, revenue requirements, reliability, power flows, and emissions.

A Complete Analytics Platform

PowerSIMM Planner provides a complete analytics platform for power planning, capacity expansion, and reliability analysis. By incorporating "meaningful" uncertainty, PowerSIMM determines least cost and least risk supply portfolios. The PowerSIMM framework captures the new dynamics of resource selection: variability in generation from weather, highly volatile hourly and sub-hourly prices, and concern about greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Key Benefits of PowerSIMM™ Planner
  • Capacity expansion planning
  • Transmission modeling
  • Revenue requirements & financial analysis
  • Assessment of renewable energy & storage
  • Determines value of DSM, conservation, storage & renewables
  • Carbon and RPS constraint modeling
  • Reliability analysis

Regulatory Acceptance

Proven in the regulatory arena across a dozen states, PowerSIMM planner satisfies the highest standards of regulatory prudency. Legacy models tend to lead to legacy decisions. PowerSIMM overcomes "model limited choice" by capturing the variability in supply and market conditions of increasing renewables to realize value of flexible capacity, where legacy models fall short.

Features of PowerSIMM Planner

  • Develops optimal least cost, least risk resource selections
  • Captures the full value of the portfolio, especially flexible generation, renewables and ancillary services
  • Advanced simulation of weather, load, renewables, and prices.
  • Provides chronological dispatch at hourly or sub-hourly granularity over the study horizon
  • Ranks resource plans by costs, no emissions, reliability, risks and other metrics for detailed study
  • Integrates the entire resource portfolio including DSM, EE, DG
  • Models transmission limits and operational constraints
  • Provides robust budget and cash flow reporting for decision makers
  • Determines reliability analysis of loss of load hours (LOLH) and resources specific effective load carrying capability (ELCC)

Analytic Features

PowerSimm provides resource planners with the advanced analytic tools they need to create a modern, defendable, and compelling integrated resource plan. Easy to use by modelers and easy to understand outputs for managers, regulators, and stakeholders.

NPV Costs Breakdown

Figure 1 - PowerSIMM Planner supports integrated resource planning (IRP) with automated resource selection by rank order.  Dynamic simulations representing realistic future states generate least cost, least risk plans.

Efficient Frontier

Figure 2 - Risk vs Cost trade-offs by portfolio combination and scenario

Annual Emissions

Figure 3 – Emissions reductions by potential portfolio solutions

Figure 4 – Loss of Load Probability (LOLP) through Stochastic Simulation extending to many other standard and customizable metrics

Figure 4 – Loss of Load Probability (LOLP) through Stochastic Simulation extending to many other standard and customizable metrics

Renewable Integration Analysis for system, regulation, and ramp

Figure 5 – Renewable Integration Analysis for system, regulation, and ramp


  • Optimally size battery configurations
  • Co-optimizes between battery storage and solar or wind production
  • Provides profit enhancing strategies for battery operations and ISO bidding between energy and ancillary services
  • Applies to batteries that are "in-front" or "behind" the fence
  • Continuous performance and profitability monitoring combined with predictive analysis to enhance battery economics over time

The Ascend Advantage

Ready Analytics

"Ready to Roll" analytics and preconfigured models for any region or node


Critical insights for portfolio management in a high renewables future


Our expertise includes planning, valuation, risk management & ISO operations