PowerSIMM™ Porfolio Manager

Optimal Portfolio and Risk Management

PowerSIMM provides the actionable intelligence to jointly maximize value and mitigate risk. With PowerSIMM, portfolio management decisions increase cash flow certainty, improve position analysis, and optimize hedge design across physical, financial, and REC portfolios. By integrating physical dimensions of weather and asset operations concurrently with market price dynamics, PowerSIMM captures both market expectations and fundamental variables of demand, supply, and transmission flows to determine optimal hedge strategies.

PowerSIMM Portfolio Manager Capabilities

PowerSIMM leverages the native position of each portfolio's physical attributes (e.g., load, generation, or RECs) to maximize returns and minimize risk realizing budget and carbon free goals.

PowerSIMM unlocks the potential to perform complex analysis with an easy to master user interface combined with market data through Ascend Market Intelligence.

We Partner With

  • Investor-Owned Utilities & Public Power
  • CCAs & Electric Retailers
  • Corporate Energy Buyers
  • Renewable/Storage Developers & IPPs
  • Banks and Insurers

Why PowerSIMM for Portfolio Management

PowerSIMM combines an easy-to-use platform supported by a depth of expertise, including:

  • Capturing hourly carbon free REC attributes
  • Reflecting hourly and sub-hourly nodal dynamics of generation, storage, and power prices
  • Incorporating the physical and financial market behaviors that parallel price dynamics from increasing renewables and storage
  • Analyzing standard and unique hedge/PPA structures

Optimal Hedging, REC Balancing, and Risk Management

PowerSIMM provides the insights to tilt portfolios away from undesirable risks toward acceptable risks. The payoff diagram and gross margin distributions show a portfolio of renewable generation reducing risk through layering on a series of hedges.

Energy Portfolio Risk Management.  Hedging Risk in a Portfolio or Renewable Generation.

PowerSIMM provides the risk mitigation impacts of hedges to evaluate portfolio management decisions and hedging strategies. PowerSIMM’s Position Reporting allows for quick views of physical, delta and gamma positions. Green reporting provides both carbon neutral and carbon free hourly REC reporting.

Net Month Hour REC Position

Net Month Hour REC Position

Insights to Earn Higher Return on Capital than PPAs

PowerSIMM answers the key question for merchant developers: Should I enter a PPA at the node or sell a standard power block (e.g., 7x16)? PowerSIMM’s determines the risk return value of basis risks to the hub, volumetric uncertainty, and state-of-charge management.

OTC On-Peak Hedge

OTC On-Peak Hedge

Integrating Physical & Financial Uncertainty

Using Physical and Financial Uncertainty to Model Energy Market Dynamics.  Meaningful Uncertainty.

Flexible Service Models

Ascend offers a wide range of support and advisory services.

The Ascend Advantage

Ready Analytics

"Ready to Roll" analytics and preconfigured models for any region or node


Critical insights for portfolio management in a high renewables future


Our expertise includes planning, valuation, risk management & ISO operations

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