Ascend Analytics' SmartBidder™ Supports Bidding for PJM ISO Scott Solar + Storage Project

October 24, 2023



BOULDER, Colorado, October 23, 2023: The Ascend Analytics’ SmartBidder™ platform was recently deployed to support the Scott solar + storage project, which is owned and operated by Dominion Energy Virginia and the first hybrid project in Virginia in the PJM ISO.

Leveraging SmartBidder™, Dominion formulates its own bidding strategies across day-ahead and real-time markets to maximize revenue within well-defined risk tolerances and operational needs for the grid. SmartBidder continuously updates bids and automates submissions to maximize the value of storage in the market and manage state of charge.

SmartBidder is currently modelling over 6 GW of both simulated and commercially operational projects. 

“This project provides a great opportunity to realize the full value of combined solar+storage for Dominion customers by applying SmartBidder’s advanced machine learning bidding algorithm’s ,” stated Gary Dorris, CEO and President of Ascend Analytics. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Dominion Energy and supporting their upcoming standalone battery storage project that is slated to go online later this year.”    

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