Simulating meaningful uncertainty for complex physical and financial portfolios

September 1, 2016



Gary Dorris, PhD

Dr. Dorris, a pioneer of innovative energy modeling solutions for over 20 years, is the CEO and Founder of Ascend Analytics, an industry-leading, 170+ person energy analytics software and consulting company. His work revolutionized modeling power markets to support real-time operations, portfolio management, and resource planning. Throughout his career, Dr. Dorris has performed independent market assessment to support over $50 billion dollars in project financing and advised to multiple boards of directors. Industry leaders consistently turn to Dr. Dorris for expert testimony and executive presentations. He previously served as the lead expert witness for Merrill Lynch in the Enron proceedings in addition to numerous regulatory proceedings. Prior to founding Ascend, Dr Dorris served as CEO of e-Acumen, a 60-person energy analytics software firm.